2019 Webinar Series

Resident Recruiting: Q&A With a Doximity Physician Advocate

About this webinar:

Join Dr. Pete Alperin, Doximity's Physician Advocate, for a Q&A on what residents are thinking as they're coming up on graduation. Join this webinar and learn:

- What residents are looking for in their first career & how they are going out finding opportunities 
- Creative strategies for reaching out and connecting to graduating residents 
- Statistics on where residents are more likely to take a job, depending on their specialty and region of training

Make sure to catch the great questions from our live audience at the end of this recording!


If you'd like to expand your knowledge on social recruiting even further, enroll in our free course, The Doximity Social Recruiting Certification. You can complete on your own time and using your own device. Questions? Email tfdemo@doximity.com

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