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Building a sourcing program with Doximity leads to relationship-building success

When Lisa Lopez, Senior Physician Recruiter at Spectrum Health, first started using Doximity Talent Finder six years ago, she used the tool primarily for hard-to-fill positions. She was an executive recruiter at the time, and her secondary role was to dig into the Doximity platform and learn as much as possible.

At the time, Spectrum was trying to build a new sourcing program, but they were struggling to get new physician candidates into their pipeline. They needed a better way to connect with candidates, which ultimately led them to Doximity. 

Finding the right candidates with Doximity search filters 

The team at Spectrum Health has access to other recruitment platforms, but none offer the ability to meaningfully filter search results in the way Doximity does. Lisa and her team often have strict criteria they have to meet when sourcing new candidates, and Doximity Talent Finder’s 30+ search filters allow her team to target their searches to meet this specific criteria

Recruitment is not an easy job, but Lisa has discovered that Doximity makes it easier. “Talent Finder is the right tool to help me find the right physicians to meet specific needs.” When Lisa started using Doximity, she said it was very clean and new. She dug into it and after learning the ins-and-outs, she became a Talent Finder pro. “Doximity Talent Finder is robust, and every minute of learning the tool was well worth it, especially when I started communicating with high-quality candidates. The ROI paid off – completely changing how I source and recruit.”

The Doximity platform just keeps getting better

Over the years, Lisa and the team at Spectrum have been incredibly impressed with the ongoing updates and improvements made to the platform. According to Lisa, “Talent Finder just keeps getting better. The results are what count though.” She loves using the platform, and she continues to connect with high quality providers. Lisa uses the tool to ensure all of her jobs are up and running, and credits the Client Success team at Doximity for offering awesome tips to enhance her recruitment strategy on Doximity.The Talent Finder Pro concierge service has made the Doximity experience even better,” says Lisa. 

From high engagement to new relationships and successful hires 

Doximity’s reporting tools help Lisa understand how her job postings are performing. According to Lisa, the engagement is impressive. She also appreciates getting monthly and quarterly reports, which show where she’s getting traction – and prove to her that her efforts are effective. Lisa has developed a solid process for how she uses Doximity Talent Finder, and it’s led to some really great hires – and relationships. 

Lisa’s success has contributed to her becoming a big advocate for Doximity Talent Finder. “I’ll happily tell anyone who’s interested how and why I use it,” says Lisa, who’s excited to see the many ways the tool will continue to grow and change. She’s also a fan of the free Social Recruiting Certification course Doximity offers, which helps her learn more about social recruiting, but also gives her something to add to her resume.

Building her pipeline is key to her success, too – and that has led to strong relationships. Lisa explains: “I reached out to a foot and ankle surgeon a few years ago, had a great interview, but the timing just wasn’t right. It happened again a second time, but because I’ve built a relationship, the timing and opportunity finally came together.” 

Other physicians she’s contacted through Doximity have continued their connections with her as well. Talent Finder’s robust search filters, ongoing product innovation, and advanced reporting tools have allowed Lisa and the Spectrum Health team to discover high-quality physician candidates, and she looks forward to continued success in the future. 

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Lisa Lopez

Senior Physician Recruiter at Spectrum Health

Company Profile:

Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health is a not-for-profit health system that provides care and coverage, comprising 31,000+ team members, 14 hospitals (including Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital), a robust network of care facilities, teams of nationally recognized doctors and providers, and the nation’s third-largest provider-sponsored health plan, Priority Health, currently serving over 1 million members across the state of Michigan.


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