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Surgical Affiliates Sources 25% of Hires from Doximity Talent Finder

As the physician shortage continues and clinician recruiting becomes even more difficult, hospitals, physician management groups, and health systems continue to seek qualified, relevant candidates to fill their open positions. But in an increasingly competitive market, how are employers making these hires?

Doximity Talent Finder provides healthcare recruiters access to Doximity’s Network, opening the door to more than 700,000 verified US clinician members. Over 300 hospitals and companies, including Surgical Affiliates Management Group, are currently partnered with Doximity Talent Finder, allowing them to fill positions across the country.

Surgical Affiliates Challenge

SurgicalAffiliates is constantly on the search for quality candidates nationwide to keep all of their roles filled and deliver the best care to their patients and partners.

Angel Headrick, Director of Recruitment, is tasked with that job. “Like any group in the US with 150 - 200 physicians working for them, the turnover is high. Not only is there a need for more candidates, there is a revolving need. We are always looking and need to be able to fill those roles seamlessly. For example, right now, we need 8 surgeons, two of which need to be hired urgently. But that need never goes away, we never have downtime in our recruitment schedule.”

By partnering with Doximity Talent Finder, Surgical Affiliates is able to build their pipeline of candidates all over the US. “I was really skeptical. I thought there was no way it could have everything it claimed. But it’s become my second best source behind my personal network. I am able to really narrow down the candidate search, separate by their state, affiliations - continuously narrow down the filters to five final candidates. It’s so easy to find the right candidates. Not only that, the network is just for docs. I’m looking at physicians that are ready, are engaged, and want to be on Doximity. Some are on LinkedIn because they need to have a presence or something, but on Doximity the docs are truly invested.”

With Talent Finder, Angel is able to recruit for her immediate needs and keep her rolodex filled. “I just push out a bit, a little here and there, all by zip code, or by who clicked through- the best thing is seeing people “When I talk to docs, I always make sure they are registered on Doximity. I want them to find a job that works best for them, not one that just works for me. But the more docs that find jobs on Doximity, the better it is for me.” Angel Headrick, Director of Recruitment SurgicalAffiliates Management Group that clicked through and then segmenting them into to a new list (my “warm list”), those physicians get reached out to every three months with the newest job offerings. That way my pipeline is always refreshed.”

In just the eight months since partnering with Doximity Talent Finder, SurgicalAffiliates has made huge gains in their recruitment strategy. They have made 4 hires directly through the network, and kept their pipeline stocked, with 25 - 30% of new hires in 2016 being sourced from Doximity. Additionally, Surgical Affiliates have been able to expand their employer brand with by owning a presence alongside of the 1,000,000 members on the Doximity Network.

“I keep thinking, I’m not sure how it could get much better, but then it does.”

Surgical Affiliates Talent Finder Recruitment Tips
  1. Use it religiously: “You take out what you put in. It does take time, but if you have something that doesn’t take time let me know! It’s a new software, all new software takes time.”
  2. Segment, Segment, Segment. “Separate messaging by zip code, once a physician clicks on a job or message, put them into a different list to be messaged regularly.”
  3. Use the Search Filters! Think about the perfect candidate and then “filter until their are just five doctors that meet your requirements in the search. You expand later - but those five aren’t on any other site.”


Angel Headrick

Director of Recruitment 

Surgical Affiliates Management Group



Company Profile:

Surgical Affiliates


“When I talk to docs, I always make sure they are registered on Doximity. I want them to find a job that works best for them, not one that just works for me. But the more docs that find jobs on Doximity, the better it is for me.”


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