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Doximity Talent Finder & Steele Healthcare Solutions

Staying competitive among the dynamic recruitment landscape is challenging these days, especially when balancing the availability of tools with a strict budget. For smaller clinician recruitment firms, such as Steele Healthcare Solutions, selecting recruitment tools that provide a high ROI is essential.

“Some firms find Talent Finder to be an expensive option compared to larger job boards, but I think its value lies in the commitment to using and executing the product efficiently and effectively. Our team evaluated LinkedIn and Facebook as well but found that most MD’s are not as active on these platforms unless in a more administrative role”, says Bob Bregant, President & CEO of Steele Healthcare Solutions.

Located in Overland Park, Kansas and an advocate of Talent Finder since 2013, Steele Healthcare Solutions has effectively implemented Talent Finder to achieve their recruitment goals.

Hire of the Quarter

Recently nominated to our Hire of the Quarter program for a noteworthy hire she made, Ann Newell is the Director of Recruiting at Steele Healthcare Solutions and is Steele’s driving force behind their success with Talent Finder.

Last quarter, Ann was working with a high-profile client who was developing employer-based clinics in Tulsa, Oklahoma and needed to recruit three physicians. Ann’s consistency in utilizing her DocMails to reach out to candidates helped her to hire a physician via Doximity for this client with all communication taking place within Talent Finder. This highly respected physician helped provide a network to other physicians in the area, and the placement put their firm in a very good place in regard to their client's confidence. This was a quick placement since Talent Finder allowed them to reach out to experienced and passive candidates - the initial contact occurred only 10 days after they started the search.

Additionally, Ann had a challenging search for an ARNP in a remote area of Idaho. She was able to place an NP for this role by refining her search to include Spanish-speaking NP’s from Idaho, and it’s worth mentioning that this NP was a passive candidate, or not actively searching for a new role at the time.

These success stories demonstrate not only the power of effective searching and consistent messaging but also the value of Talent Finder in recruiting multiple provider types from broad geographic areas. We’d like to share Ann’s top tips that have helped Steele Healthcare Solutions achieve success over the years using Talent Finder.

Ann's Top Tips:
  1. Be thorough and refine your searches as much as possible. Utilizing all the options in search will give you a better list of viable candidates.
  2. Use past ties to an area for searches that clinicians may relocate for. If they went to medical school or residency in an area, they may be more likely to move back.
  3. Attend the Talent Finder webinars. They are really informative and have helped guide my recruitment strategy on Talent Finder.


Bob Bregant

President & CEO

Steele Healthcare Solutions


Company Profile:

Steel Healthcare Solutions


“Doximity is a unique tool that offers us an opportunity to use a social, professional network to target passive candidates in a way that will allow us to engage them, and this has enabled us to find candidates for our searches and jobs.”

- Bob Bregant


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