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Standing Out From The Noise

In the digital ecosystem we live in today, a continuous influx of messages to our inbox is the norm, and the clinician experience is no exception. Physicians are bombarded with messages on a daily basis, which poses a challenge to physician recruiters hoping to catch their attention.

In an attempt to “stand out from the noise”, many recruitment firms are shifting their emphasis toward personalized, relationship-building messages rather than large email blasts. In other words, quality over quantity. At Quest Healthcare Solutions, relationship-building efforts have been a stronghold of the recruitment strategy for years. In Keri’s words, “We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with physicians and our clients. Building relationships is more important to us than filling a quota.”

Located in Atlanta, Georgia and an advocate of Talent Finder since 2014, Quest Healthcare Solutions sees the value in adopting a tool that allows for high-quality personalization, which in turn fuels the relationship-building they strive to achieve throughout their physician recruitment efforts

Search to Success

In addition to the ability to personalize clinician messages using Doximity Talent Finder, Keri finds tremendous value in the specific search criteria available to filter by. “The fact that you are able to filter by licensure, location, years of experience and a number of other fields is not something you can do using other recruitment tools.”

Recently, Keri used Talent Finder’s extensive search filters and customized messaging functionality to hire a physician for a Neurosurgery Locums position with very short notice. Keri was informed about the urgent need a month before the assignment start date, and the Locums position required the physician to work 12 days in a row. In her search for a potential candidate, Keri filtered by specialty, licensure, location and years of experience to find the physician the client ended up hiring via Talent Finder.

“Having instant access to a network that is 100% clinicians with the ability to narrow down based on your needs is the key to success with Talent Finder. The more you use the tool, the more strategic and effective your efforts will be”, says Keri.

Having been in physician recruitment for 4+ years and a member of the Board of the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR), Keri is no stranger to the world of physician recruitment. We’d like to share Keri’s top tips for recruiting physicians using Doximity Talent Finder

Keri's Top Tips
  1. Narrow your searches with the search filters. There is a filter that allows you to include or exclude clinicians you have reached out to in the past, which can be very useful whether you want to exclude those not interested or reconnect with those that you have established a relationship with.
  2. Document previous outreach by using the Notes feature. Writing a note on a clinician’s profile is only viewable by you.
  3. Filter by Years of Experience to identify candidates for higher-level positions and vice-versa.


Keri New

Senior Physician Recruiter 

Quest Healthcare Solutions



Company Profile:

Quest Healthcare Solutions

“I love Doximity Talent Finder. I’ve been using
the tool for a while, and I like how it is 100%
targeted to physicians. The extensive search
filters allow you to really narrow down to the
physicians that meet the criteria you're looking for. It's also very user-friendly."


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