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Powerful Search Engine Leads To Valuable Connections

Fostering connections and making an impact in the lives of physicians are two driving forces behind Penn State Health's recruitment strategy. Motivated by a desire to establish relationships with physicians, the large health system in central Pennsylvania has found success with Doximity Talent Finder by using the tool's extensive search functionality to narrow down to the candidates who are the best fit for the roles they are hiring for. "Recruitment is the ability to connect people and Talent Finder allows us to do that in a very intimate way. The Search functionality is very powerful and provides a level of granularity that allows you to send messages to the physicians who meet your hiring needs," says Jess Mullany, Associate Director of Provider Recruitment at Penn State Health. Having been a client since 2014, Penn State Health sees the unique value in Doximity Talent Finder and its ability to develop the connections they strive to make.

Hired Division Chief & Other Hard-to-Recruit Specialties

While Penn State has had noteworthy success hiring physicians using Talent Finder over the years, Jess and her team find the tool to be especially valuable when it comes to recruiting for higher level opportunities or specialties that are challenging to recruit for. A recent milestone was when they were tasked with hiring a new Division Chief, which is considered to be a badge of honor at their large health system. By using the extensive search filters in Doximity Talent Finder and limiting the candidate pool to physicians with existing leadership experience, they found a physician who was a perfect fit for the role. In addition to finding success with higher level opportunities, Penn State has filled roles in some of the more challenging specialties to recruit for, such as ENT, Urology, and Psychiatry. By taking the time to perform detailed, targeted searches and composing personalized messages, Penn State has achieved a high return on the investment they have made in Doximity Talent Finder.

Reaching Physicians Where They Are

Success on Doximity Talent Finder can be attributed to a number of factors, but understanding the uniqueness of the platform is crucial to seeing results and is something Penn State has achieved early on. Jess describes this uniqueness when she says, “While there are many recruitment tools and job boards that attract actively seeking physicians, there are few resources where you are able to capture a wider audience of both active and passive job seekers. By reaching physicians on a tool they use on a daily basis, you are able to connect with physicians that you would not have access to elsewhere.” Taking this detail into consideration when messaging clinicians or developing Job Posts is key to attracting a wide audience and is reflected in the efforts their recruitment team has adopted while using Talent Finder.

Jess' Tips for Success

Over the years, Jess has seen what works well when it comes to using Doximity Talent Finder. Beyond some of the more obvious tips and tricks, here are a few not so obvious recommendations to find success.

1. When it comes to searching for candidates, think about specific characteristics you may want to exclude in addition to characteristics you are looking for. For a rural position, you may want to exclude physicians practicing in urban areas, as it may be unlikely they would be interested in moving to a rural area.

2. Take time to understand why and how physicians use Doximity. Incorporating this knowledge in your outreach will demonstrate to candidates that you understand their workflow and preferences.

3. Take advantage of the resources provided by the Doximity Talent Finder team (whether or not you are a client). From their blog articles to webinars, they offer a wealth of knowledge to improve your recruitment strategy.


Jessica Mullany

Associate Director Provider Recruitment at Penn State Health

Company Profile:

Penn State Health

Penn State Health is a multi-hospital health system serving patients and communities across central Pennsylvania. The system includes Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, Pa., Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Penn State Children's Hospital, Penn State Cancer Institute, and Penn State Health Rehabilitation Hospital (jointly owned with Select Medical), as well as more than 1,300 physicians and direct care providers at 78 medical office locations. Penn State Health is dedicated to innovating, expanding and investing in the areas we serve, the conditions we treat and the people we care for.


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