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Personalization & Consistency Drive High-Quality Leads

As a physician recruiter at Louisiana’s largest non-profit, academic health system, Bob strives to reduce in-house costs by adopting recruitment tools that provide a high return on investment. In the few months that Bob has been recruiting at Ochsner, he has been exposed to a number of sourcing tools but in his words, “The quality of candidate leads on Talent Finder far surpasses the quality of candidates on other tools”, and for that reason, Doximity Talent Finder is his preferred recruitment tool – one that has provided him with several leads in only a few months.

Doximity Talent Finder & Ochsner Health System

Recruiting for positions ranging from neurology to pediatric anesthesiology, Bob takes full advantage of the diverse features available to him on Talent Finder. “Being a new Talent Finder user is like getting your first iPhone, you’re excited about all the features and feel like you’re only scratching the surface with what is available,” says Bob as he shares his experience as a new user on Talent Finder. When he started using Talent Finder, his first impulse was to send out DocMails as quickly as possible; however, now that he is more familiar with the tool, he values quality over quantity. He remarks, “Message Templates allow you to strike the balance between quantity and quality. Being able to save messages but personalize as needed saves a great deal of time during physician outreach.”

In addition to finding the balance between quantity and quality, Bob emphasizes the importance of using the tool consistently. “Becoming fluent in Talent Finder results from using it on a daily basis to understand how all the features can be used to your strategic advantage.” He is also motivated by the feedback and responses he receives from physicians. “The first few times I received responses from physicians was a huge motivational step in my recruitment journey with Talent Finder.” Receiving responses from physicians is something Bob has experienced often in his short tenure with Talent Finder, and he shares some tips he has used to achieve this quick success.

Bob’s Tips for Success

1. Send out DocMails early in the week to allow for time to respond to physicians before the weekend approaches.

2. View “Not Interested” responses as an opportunity, not a setback. The physician might have a colleague who is a fit or may be interested at a later point.

3. Continue to tweak your messages - monitoring which are your top-performing and asking yourself why. Replicate those details in future messages.


Bob Wieland

Physician Recruiter 

Ochsner Health System


Company Profile:

Ochsner Health System


“Recruiting is like farming – you have to plant seeds over time to see the fruits of your labor. Doximity Talent Finder allows you to establish relationships with physicians, and over time these relationships deliver the results you’re looking for.”
- Bob Wieland


Doximity Talent Finder

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