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Chief & Medical Director Hires Lead to High ROI

It has been a little more than 3 years since Meridian Health added Doximity Talent Finder to their recruitment tool belt and through a number of changes, including a merger with Hackensack University Healthy Network in July 2016, one thing has remained constant: their targeted recruitment strategy and overall success on the platform. Having hired a Medical Director and Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the span of 6 months, it’s no surprise that Hackensack Meridian is seeing a high return on their investment with Talent Finder. “The tool is extremely valuable when it comes to connecting with physicians at higher levels. Knowing you can contact these physicians directly and that you are speaking to a real person is a huge benefit,” says Carol Petite, a Physician Recruiter at Hackensack Meridian.

Searching and Targeting to Success

Located in New Jersey, Hackensack Meridian is a not-for-profit, integrated health care network comprising 13 hospitals and 120+ outpatient centers. Like many health systems of their size, Hackensack was looking to expand their footprint by opening additional outpatient facilities; one of these facilities was an acute rehabilitation facility, and the search for a Medical Director began.

Taking advantage of the search filters available in Talent Finder, Carol targeted physicians with past ties to New Jersey in an effort to reach physicians who may want to return to the area. This strategy proved effective as the physician they hired was looking to move back to New Jersey with her husband and had even inquired about opportunities at their health system in the past. The timeline from initial outreach to hire was only a month and in the words of the physician they hired for the Medical Director position, “Maybe the timing was just right!”  Carol attributes this hire to the ability to really filter and target in Talent Finder those physicians that would be an ideal fit for the role. In Carol’s words, “Doximity Talent Finder doesn’t change the job of recruitment, but it makes it painless to connect and set up connections with clinicians and that is very important.”

Around the same time that the Medical Director position was filled, Hackensack Meridian also hired a Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine through Doximity Talent Finder. Nancy Massa, another Physician Recuiter at Hackensack Meridian, began the search for this position by targeting physicians living in the tri-state area with a DocMail campaign. Nancy received several responses to her DocMails; however, what made this hire unique was the physician that was ultimately hired was not initially interested but ended up reaching out to Nancy a few months later when his current practice was acquired, and he no longer wanted to work there.

Building a Pipeline

 This story demonstrates the power of Talent Finder in allowing recruiters to develop relationships with clinicians – you never know when a clinician may follow up about an opportunity. In Nancy’s words, “Doximity was instrumental with this hire. In contrast to other recruitment tools that emphasize reaching many physicians via email blasts, the ability to draft personalized messages to clinicians with Talent Finder allows you to establish relationships with them and build a pipeline over time.” These stories provide but a snapshot of the success Hackensack Meridian has seen using Doximity Talent Finder, and we look forward to the success stories that are yet to come.


Carol Petite

Lead Specialty Physician Recruiter 

Hackensack Meridian Health


Company Profile:

Hackensack Meridian Health


“With a tool like Doximity Talent Finder, you know you are speaking directly to a clinician. Talent Finder creates a non-intrusive, personal environment and allows you to add a personal touch."
- Carol Petite


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