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Duke Hires Radiation Oncologist in Rural Community

The youngest of the nation's leading medical institutions, Duke Health has grown in 75 years from a regional hospital, medical school, and nursing school into one of the country's leading clinical and biomedical research enterprises. In an effort to expand their reach and serve the surrounding community, Duke partners with local, independent hospitals to provide specialty care. Recently, one of their partner hospitals, Scotland Memorial, had a need for a Radiation Oncologist in a rural community. The position had been open for a year and half, and traditional recruitment methods had led to limited results. In an effort to fill this position, Duke adopted Talent Finder Pro and hired a Radiation Oncologist within a few months.

Recruiting for Rural Community Presents Challenge

Located in Laurinburg, North Carolina and 100 miles from Duke’s main campus, Scotland Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital that staffs their oncology departments with Duke physicians. In early 2018, they began the search for a Radiation Oncologist, a position that would have academic ties to Duke Health but was predominantly a community position in a rural setting. “It was tough to find clinicians who were qualified to work at the health system academically but that would still be interested in dedicating a lot of their time to serving this community in need”, remarks Simeon Furman, the main recruiter for this position. This challenge is not unique to Duke & Scotland Memorial as it can often be challenging to recruit for positions in rural areas – many physicians are reluctant to leave the hustle and bustle lifestyle offered by urban and suburban areas. 

After trying traditional methods of recruiting with minimal success, Duke made the decision to add Talent Finder Pro to their tool belt. Simeon describes this decision when he says, “Because the nature of this search was so challenging, we knew we had to turn to Doximity Talent Finder to filter and narrow down to those physicians who would be the right for this position.” Talent Finder Pro is a “white glove” product where one of our Talent Finder Client Success Managers sends DocMails on behalf of a client (after a strategy session between client and CSM) to maximize the client’s subscription and ensure best practices are fully implemented into the recruitment strategy, saving the client time and maximizing results.

Talent Finder Pro Approach to Success

When Madeleine Wenstrup, Client Success Manager for Talent Finder Pro, started working with Duke Health for this position, she knew it was an unusual search. Due to the complexities of the search, it was important that Madeleine connect with Simeon early & often. Madeleine remarks, "Chatting with Simeon gave me more insight into who they were looking for & what types of physicians may be interested in such a unique position. Together we devised a strategy: to search for physicians with ties to the area that were academically inclined but not solely focused on academia."

Based on her conversations with Simeon, Madeleine decided to use the Geographic filter and search for physicians in North Carolina and surrounding states, as well as those physicians with past ties to this area. She used the Board Certification filter to ensure they were only targeting BC Radiation Oncologists & the Experience filter to make sure they found someone with plenty of work experience, as this would be a role with a good amount of autonomy.  Madeleine and Simeon worked together to come up with a balanced approach to messaging for this position -  highlight the Duke brand while also being transparent regarding the location & community aspect of the job. The physician Duke hired for this position was one of the first 20 physicians Madeleine found in the sourcing process, and she was also the first to respond (on the same day!) to the messages Madeleine had sent regarding the position. In the words of the physician, "I would like to participate in more academic activities, yet still maintain my community outreach and clinical practice". It was a perfect match.
With Talent Finder Pro, the client and Doximity really do work as partners. In this case, Duke was the expert on the job & location, and the Doximity team was the expert on sourcing and outreach using Talent Finder. After Duke hired the physician, Simeon wrote to Madeleine and said, "Thanks to your wonderful work, we were able to reach out to the physician we hired. This was a very tough search, and your efforts made this success story possible."



Simeon Furman

Physician Recruiter for Duke Health

Company Profile:

Duke Health

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University Health System encompasses three hospitals - Duke University Hospital, Durham Regional Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital - physician practices, home hospice care and various support services at locations across North Carolina. Duke Health strives to transform medicine and health locally and globally through innovative scientific research, rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries, educating future clinical and scientific leaders, advocating and practicing evidence-based medicine to improve community health, and leading efforts to eliminate health inequalities.


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