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Rapid Growth Leads to Need for Targeted Recruitment Tool

Like many organizations offering telehealth solutions, Curavi Health has positioned itself for rapid growth in the last few years. Curavi is focused on improving quality of care in post-acute, long-term facilities by reducing potentially avoidable hospitalizations. To meet the increasing need for physicians to join their team, Curavi had to find a recruitment tool where they could advertise their open job opportunities and target the right physicians. "We needed to find a recruitment tool that helped streamline the candidate intake process and help identify potential candidates in an efficient manner; Doximity Talent Finder proved to be the perfect solution," says Ian Dow, Senior Physician Recruitment Manager at Curavi.

Detailed, Focused Job Posts Fueling Curavi's Success

Because Ian and his team have to be strategic with the time they devote to recruitment, their Doximity Talent Finder strategy is centered around Job Posts. Ian says, “We have found that by developing detailed, informative Job Posts and following the best practices our Client Success Manager shares with us, the Job Posts do the work for us.” In addition to publishing high-quality Job Posts, the Curavi team is very mindful when it comes to job targeting. Both of these strategies have guided their success on Doximity Talent Finder. In 2019, they had over 4,500 views on their Job Posts, and 500 Job Post inquiries.

“Although Doximity Talent Finder is not unique in offering the ability to post jobs, we have found it is unique in the quality of candidates that apply to our jobs,” remarks Ian. “We have found success in reaching physicians on a tool they use on a daily basis - it's not just a job board.” Because of this, Curavi has found that Doximity is especially useful for the specialties that are a bit more challenging to recruit for, such as Geriatrics.

Ian's Tips for Success

The road to success for Ian and his team has involved a well-thought-out strategy based on the development of detailed, targeted Job Posts. Ian shares some of the tips Curavi incorporates into their recruitment strategy below.

  1. Create Job Posts that are easy to read. Paragraph breaks, bullet points, and bolded words are a few ways to make your Job Posts visually appealing to physicians.

  2. Investing time upfront in the development and targeting of your Job Posts is worth it for the results you will receive by doing so. 

  3. Provide as much detail as you can in your Job Posts. Physicians want to know every aspect of the job, without having to reach out for more information. 


Ian Dow

Senior Physician Recruitment Manager for Curavi Health, Inc.

Company Profile:

Curavi Health, Inc.

Curavi Health offers innovative and easy-to-use telemedicine solutions customized for post-acute care. Curavi enables providers to deliver patient-centered care and enhance residents’ well-being by helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and offering the ability to treat-in-place. Curavi Health recruits providers to specialize in post-acute care, emphasizing personalization and quality to help patients and staff members feel supported and cared for. If interested in learning more about Curavi's job opportunities on Doximity, click here.


Doximity Talent Finder

Doximity Talent Finder is the platform that enables social recruiting on Doximity, the largest medical social network. With Doximity Talent Finder, you can post jobs suggested to both active and passive candidates, search the expansive network of digital CVs and contact candidates directly. Doximity Talent Finder helps you hire the right candidates, faster.
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