115 Physicians Hired in a Year Using Talent Finder

Healthcare groups face common challenges when it comes to engaging with physicians about job opportunities, but eConsult platform provider AristaMD faces a different kind of challenge. “We have more qualified physicians responding to DocMails and applying to Job Posts than we can hire,” remarks Kim Miller, a Clinician Recruiter & Specialist Panel Manager at AristaMD. This telehealth company has hired 115 additional specialist doctors to join their panel of board-certified specialists, in a little more than a year while using Doximity Talent Finder. “The new and exciting nature of eConsults paired with the ability to work from anywhere has enabled us to successfully recruit and hire the highest-quality physician talent. The ability to maintain a leading specialist panel allows us to rapidly expand access to specialty care across the country to increase satisfaction, improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care."

Doximity Talent Finder & AristaMD

With the goal of empowering primary care providers to leverage specialist expertise via eConsults, or electronic consults, AristaMD’s platform allows payers and providers to leverage eConsults using AristaMD’s panel of board-certified specialists. Currently, they have >70 specialty areas, a number that continues to grow. Kim has been recruiting for AristaMD since July 2017 using Doximity Talent Finder as one of the most successful methods of recruiting specialists. “I love how detailed the Search functionality is in Talent Finder. Being able to see Years of Experience and Affiliations in addition to Specialty makes my job much easier. Talent Finder Search allows you to be very targeted and specific with your searches.”

Although Kim and her team benefit from a few advantages when recruiting, such as the fact that they are recruiting for a rapidly expanding healthcare solution that is providing significant improvements in access to quality care, they attribute a significant amount of success to the ease-of-use and quality of physicians on Doximity Talent Finder. “Because the quality of physicians we have found through Talent Finder is very high, we deal with much less physician turnover. Given the costs associated with credentialing and training, this is crucial to scalable growth for the long run.”

Kim's Top Tips for Success

You might be wondering what techniques Kim applies in her Talent Finder strategy (which led her to 115 hires this year!), so we’ve compiled her top 3 tips for success while using Doximity Talent Finder below.

  1. Take advantage of the ‘List’ feature in Talent Finder. Lists allow you to keep your Searches and contacts organized. You can add clinicians to a List in Talent Finder and save that List to access at a later point.
  2. If possible, include information related to compensation in Job Post descriptions or in DocMail subject lines. Physicians are more likely to click to read more if transparency is present from the get-go.
  3. Use Message Templates to save time with direct outreach to physicians. Create specialty-specific templates to add personalization to your DocMail messages.


Kimberly Miller

Recruiter & Panel Coordinator 




Company Profile:


“Doximity Talent Finder has made my job so
much easier. The tool is incredibly easy to use,
and the Client Success team provides support
when you need it. I won't use other tools since Talent Finder has it all."
- Kimberly Miller 


Doximity Talent Finder

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